by Alisha Jackson

For the past six weeks, we thought the new official Gilmore Girls Instagram account was posting photos from the set of Stars Hollow in order to promote its upcoming Netflix A Year In The Life season. Little did we know that the streaming service was dropping major plot points in the process.

Pop-Tart appetizers to hold us over 'till the pizza comes. And one apple.

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After dispelling the pregnancy rumors sparked by the photo above, we decided to take a look at other photos posted by show, and see what kinds of fan theories they have been sparking.

The first photo posted by the Gilmore Girls Instagram account featured two coffee mugs at Luke’s diner.

Since Luke isn’t one for caffeine, we can only assume that the two coffee mugs belong to Lorelai and Rory Gilmore.

It’s comforting to see that Luke’s “no cell phones” rule is still in full effect, despite the new season taking place in present day. The only thing foreign in this photo that fans pointed out, was the New York cityscape mug. Although Rory’s former love interest Jess ended up in Philadelphia at the end of the show, the character was originally from New York. Since Milo Ventimiglia has been confirmed to return to the new season, fans have inferred that the mug represents his return.

However, if the mug represents where a character is from, one could also argue that it belongs to Jess’s mother, Liz. In that case, it’s possible that she could be enjoying a cup of joe at her brother’s diner with her hubby TJ.

The next photo features takeout from Al’s Pancake World in the living room of Lorelai Gilmore.

Al's Pancake World: The best egg foo yung in town.

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Usually, the Gilmore girls order everything on the menu, so the fact that only one lo mein and one fried rice have been picked up, means that the food must not be for them.

No major fan theories came from this photo, so we’ll just speculate ourselves. The only Gilmore who would eat this little, is a baby Gilmore. There, we said it!

The photo below is probably the least juicy of the bunch, but it does reveal one thing — Lorelai’s location. She clearly still lives in Stars Hollow, which means that all is right in the world.

We're bringing the Fahrfunugen Dugan Soogan. Don't tell Taylor.

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The next photo has sparked the most fan theories by far. Remember when Lorelai made her mother wear her “vicious trollop” lipstick and steal a bathrobe with her? Well, it looks like the shade is still in style.

Because Dirty Whore was taken.

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Here are the three major plot hints that fans gathered from the photo above, which cleverly features an out-of-focus makeup mirror.

1. The lipstick belongs to Lorelai Gilmore.
2. The furniture was Luke’s grandmother’s.
3. There’s a baby stroller in the mirror.

While the first two observations are spot on, the one about the baby stroller seems like a stretch. Unless the baby in question is freakishly tall, we’re thinking that the “stroller” people are seeing in the blurry mirror is actually Lorelai’s clothing rack. It’s made appearances in the series before, and it looks like that the white bathrobe she stole with her mother may actually be hanging in it. All this photo really shows us is that Lorelai and Luke are probably living together.

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And last but not least, here’s Lane’s drum kit from her band Hep Alien.

Follow Them to the Edge of the Desert was too long.

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Sebastian Bach already made the unofficial announcement about Hep Alien’s return to the series, but now, Netflix is finally acknowledging the reunion.

What else will the show reveal over the next four months?


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