by Alisha Jackson

Well, here’s one thing you definitely know by now…

Ingrid Michaelson will grace the stage during Mixfest this year! And we can’t wait!

While we’re counting our stars, OneRepublic will also be joining Ingrid onstage, along with Shaggy.

You may be aware of Ingrid’s love for Vacationland, but did you know these ten things about the singer-songwriter?

1. She’s dating Luke Wheeler from Nashville.

His real name is Will Chase, and he’s a singer in real life too — just not a country singer. Chase is currently starring as William Shakespeare in the Broadway musical Something Rotten!.

2. She in Taylor Swift’s squad.

She may still be tight with Swift, but judging by photos from the pop star’s exclusive Fourth of July parties, Ingrid hasn’t traveled to Rhode Island for Tay’s annual patriotic shin dig since 2014. That doesn’t mean she’s off the squad, though!

Taylor sent her plenty of goodies two Christmases ago.

3. Her music video for “Hell No” is made entirely of Snapchats.

An avid Snapchatter(?), Ingrid says that the app has helped her, and that “it’s a great way to connect to people.” Ingrid snapped videos of herself lip-syncing to the song for three weeks in order to create the music video.

“I had a grand plan of where I wanted them all and I got into the studio with Dylan Steinberg, who has done a lot of my videos, and it took us like three and half hours to finish it,” she explained. “I had labeled them all. I was very fastidious because there was like 350 plus snaps to go through, so as I loaded them into my computer, I would put them into a category of the first part of the chorus, the second part of the chorus, the first verse, second verse, you know?”

4. She’s getting closer and closer to launching a show about her life.

(Getty Images) (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Skyville)

Four years ago, Ingrid said she was shopping around an idea for a sitcom based on her life. Now, she finally has a trailer for it. “I have a trailer, sort of sizzle reel that I filmed that’s going to be a show about my life. [It’s] like a ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ style scripted show that we are pitching around,” she revealed.

5. She wants to open a bakery.

We made a cake. 🇺🇸

A post shared by Ingrid Michaelson (@ingridmichaelson) on

Cake pops. nbd.

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Ingrid told All Things New England that she has big dreams of opening a small cafe one day.

She elaborated on her plan by saying, “Well, I’m really into baking and at some point down the road I want to have a little bakery, cafe type of thing.That’s where my next life will be. I want to serve really delicious, non-processed foods …sandwiches and soups and salads and gelato…vegan options. There’ll be brick walls and oriental rugs…yeah.”

6. If Ingrid doesn’t know you, she probably won’t follow you back on social media.

This bitch needs a good talking to.

A post shared by Ingrid Michaelson (@ingridmichaelson) on

“There’s been a lot of growth in terms of fan interaction with things like Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter,” she told Refinery29. “When I was growing up, if I was able to reach out to one of my favorite musicians and possibly have them write me back, that would’ve been ridiculously crazy and absurd,” she said. “Now, people are almost a little entitled. They’re like, ‘Why won’t you write me back?’ or ‘Why don’t you follow me?'” “It’s because I don’t know them,” she says. “I mean, thank you, but I don’t know you.”

7. She isn’t a fan of fan-shot videos.

Ingrid would rather have her fans remember her concert than film it.

During an interview at Calvin College, the singer used a girl in the crowd as an example. “This bothers me [points to student taping the conversation with a phone],” she said. “I see her face lit up. If you love it so much, why are you filming it? You’re filming the reminder that you made a secret video? It’s okay once and awhile but I feel like sometimes, I’m just like, why? You’re never going to watch this again. That’s the ironic thing. It’s going to go on your computer, or maybe you’ll upload it to YouTube, but … I want to tell people, maybe you should just remember it. Remember when we used to remember things? Now maybe you guys don’t know, or don’t remember phone numbers. But it’s lots of fun! Like, we can remember them! We can remember things; it’s possible! And sometimes it’s nice to not have a crappy video of your favorite song. You can actually enjoy it and be in that moment and remember that moment, you know, when it’s happening. So yeah—or turn your screens off so I can’t see anything, even though I know it’s happening.”

8. She used to teach children’s theater.

She taught for four years, and that’s what she had planned on doing for a living!

9. She has her own record label.

Talk about ambition!

Ingrid has her own record label and publishing company called “Cabin 24 Records”. When asked about the advantages of owning her own label, Ingrid explained, “I have a bit more control…I guess I would see more money than I would if I was with a label…then again I never know because if a major label puts a lot of money into me then maybe I’d be HUGE and have made more money that way…I guess the main advantage is control…I have a lot more say in what I do, how I look, what I put out there, and how I put it out…and that I like.”

By the way, the name “Cabin 24” comes from a picture she took of a cabin in Maine!

10. Her doppleganger knows how to party.

The TRUTH about my 2012 bangs.

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This post was too good not to share.


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