1. Eddie Murphy said in a new interview that he once turned down cocaine from both John Belushi and Robin Williams.  He doesn’t even drink or smoke pot now. What character does Murphy voice in the Shrek franchise?

2.Oakland Raiders tight end Colton Underwood sent gymnast Aly Raisman a video asking her on a date, and she accepted. It’ll actually be a double date with his teammate Andrew East and East’s wife, former U.S. gymnast Shawn Johnson. Aly of course, is the pride and joy of: Natick, Northboro or Needham?

3. Actor Chad Michael Murry is 35 years old today. Most recently he’s lent his talents to ABC’s Agent Carter but first got his start as Lucas Scott on which teen drama that ran from 2003-2012?

4. Mariah Carey reportedly threw her fiancee’s laptop out the window after he tried to “set the mood” by putting on Beyonce’s Crazy In Love. Listen to the song clip, finish the lyric.

5. Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield are sparking rumors that they’re back together after being spotted in London recently. The couple broke up just about a year ago. Which superhero movie did the former lovers star opposite of one another back in 2012?

Can you beat Kennedy?


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