by Alisha Jackson

Britney Spears may be stronger than yesterday, but Lifetime doesn’t care about that. It just wants to capitalize on old Britney. On the heels of her ninth studio album, the network has decided to dredge up the singer’s rocky past in their upcoming biopic, Britney.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the biopic will document Britney’s past from her Mickey Mouse Club days to her 2007 head-shaving incident. Aside from a possible typed up where-is-Britney-now summary at the end of the film, Britney has no intentions of documenting Brit Brit’s super successful comeback. And Britney has no intentions of contributing to the project.

She will not be contributing to the project “in any way, shape or form… nor does it have her blessing,” Spears’ rep told EW. This obviously counted Britney’s doppleganger, little sis Jamie Lynn Spears out of the running to play her older sister. Not like she’d probably ever agree to portray her, anyway.

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According to multiple reports, Britney will be played by Australian actress Natasha Bassett (Hail Caesar!), who can be seen in the photo below.

(Getty Images) (Photo by David Buchan/Getty Images)

Will you be tuning in for Britney?


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