1. Wahlburgers season finale aired last night on A&E. Which of the following Massachusetts towns is not home to a Wahlburgers restaurant?

2. Showtime will air Martin Lawrence’s first standup special in 14 years on September 9th. He starred alongside Will Smith as Detective Marcus Burnett in which 1995 action crime comedy film?

3. J. Lo & Casper Smart have officially broken up for the second time after dating since 2011. She is 47, he is 29. Take a listen to this song clip–> CBK01
Finish the lyric.

4. The FBI is currently investigating into the hackers who posted Leslie Jones personal information online yesterday to include her drivers license & passport, along with sexually explicit photos. What National Insurance company, who asks “Are You In Good Hands”, featured Leslie in their TV commercials this year?

5. Rumor has it Ryan Lochte is in talks to do the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars. What was the name of his short lived TV series on the E! network?

Can you beat Kennedy?


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