by Alisha Jackson

Watching Britney Spears do carpool karaoke to her own songs with James Corden is a delight, but hearing what comes out of her mouth in between the lyrics is far more entertaining.

Right after telling Corden that she needs to find the right guy to expand her family with, Britney swore off men and marriage for the rest of her life. “I want more [kids]. Like three more,” she confessed to Corden. “I have to find the right guy first,” she added before adorably launching into Ace of Base’s “All That She Wants.” Love. Her. So. Much.

Moments later, Britney completely contradicted herself when James Corden asked her what she’s looking for in the father of her future children. “I think I might not ever go to men again… ever do the whole men thing, and get married, I’m just done with men,” she said. “I may french kiss someone, but I’m not going to marry anyone,” she added. “I don’t believe in marriage anymore.”

Do you think Britney will have kids on her own, or continue to search for the “right guy” in order to obtain her future mom goals?


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