1. Mariah Carey’s older sister Alison was busted for prostitution in upstate New York. Name the 1990 movie where Richard Gere is a powerful business man who falls in love with Julia Roberts, an escort he hired.

2. Officials in Rio have officially charged Ryan Lochte with falsely reporting a crime. He could be sentenced to up to six months in jail or a fine. But he actually GAINED a sponsorship with Pine Brothers cough drops. What is the highest selling cough drop? Halls, Ricola or Cold Eeze?

3. Mike Myers has come out and said he wouldn’t be against doing another “Wayne’s World”. Name the comedian who played Waynes sidekick Garth.

4. Helen Mirren is set to join Keira Knightley in Disney’s upcoming new retelling of The Nutcracker. What is the name of this famous song from The Nutcracker?

5. Michael Jackson would’ve been 58 years old today. Which of these albums from Jackson was released first and established him as a solo performer away from his brothers? – Off The Wall, Thriller or Bad?

Can you beat Kennedy?


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