by Alisha Jackson

Meghan Trainor showed up to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in a giraffe onesie last night because she “didn’t want to wear a dress.” This is one of the many reasons why we ❤ Meg. The thoughtful Nantucket native didn't want Jimmy feeling left out, so she surprised the host with a dinosaur onesie, which he couldn't wait to try on.

While Jimmy was changing his outfit, Meghan came to realize that the male version of the adult onesie pajamas features velcro down there, which she accidentally(?) ended up patting. LOL! Check out the video below.

During their onesie interview, Meghan revealed that she actually filmed a second performance of “Me Too” from the time she fell flat on her back on The Tonight Show stage. You can relive her scary fall from May below.

So why did the version where Meghan fell end up airing? According to Fallon, it was the pop star’s choice. At the end of the show, Meghan went up to him and said “I think we should air the one where I fall.”

Meghan explained her decision, “I always get to check the sound and how good it sounds, and I went back and I saw both takes, and I saw my face just full of fear on the second try, like ‘don’t fall, don’t fall,’ so I was like, ‘You know what? The first one’s better. Let ’em have it. I’m gonna fall eventually one day, so let this be it.”


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