Can’t Beat Kennedy: Abby From Quincy

1. The teen drama Pretty Little Liars is officially coming to end after its 7th season. Which of the following is not a character on the show?

2. Tom Brady debuted a new haircut on Tuesday, and people are comparing it to Megyn Kelly from Fox News, one of the New Kids on the Block, and one of Tim Allen’s kids from “Home Improvement” played by Jonathon Taylor Thomas. Who did he play?

3. Netflix’s sci-fi hit Stranger Things will be returning next year for season 2. Which actress who starred as Lydia Deetz in the 1988 hit film Beetlejuice stars in the series as Joyce Beyers?

4. Katharine McPhee said she has “no regrets” in a recent interview which is now being interpreted by several magazines as having no regrets regarding the cheating scandal that broke up her marriage. She plays Paige Dineen on CBS’s action drama TV series about a group of geniuses who work together to save the world, which returns for it’s 3rd season next month. Name the show.

5. 16 years ago in 2000, PINK’s debut album, “Can’t Take Me Home”, went platinum & then double platinum 3 months later. She has a new song, “Setting The World On Fire,” which is a duet with which country artist who just played Gillette Stadium last weekend?

Can you beat Kennedy?

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