1. Colin Kaepernick will not start the season as the San Francisco 49ers quarterback, but his jersey sales have been soaring ever since he began his National Anthem protest. Who had the biggest selling Jersey LAST season? – Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or Rob Gronkowski

2. Mario Lopez was spotted at a ”Saved by the Bell”-themed restaurant in Chicago. What was his character’s name on the show?

3. Tom Hiddleson and Taylor Swift broke up after about three months allegedly because he was milking the relationship for publicity. What marvel comic character is he known as?

4. Brie Larson posted a throwback picture of herself petting a dolphin & Twitter got mad at her for supporting the practice of keeping dolphins in captivity so she apologized. She played Amy Schumer’s what in the 2015 comedy Trainwreck?

5. Zayn Malik is teaming up with Law & Order creator Dick Wolf to create a drama for NBC about a boy band rising to fame. There have been 5 total Law & Order series over the years; which of the following is not a Law & Order series?

Can you beat Kennedy?


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