By: Eric Donnelly

Apple, the company that makes iPhones, which many people use to access Twitter and tweet on the go, just spoiled the launch of their iPhone 7 launch early through the social media platform!

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According to Business Insider, Apple’s twitter account accidentally ruined the surprise announcement from their heavily-anticipated keynote speech. “First, Apple’s Twitter account showed a 15-second video that showed a big ball of water splashing against the iPhone 7, confirming the new iPhone 7 will be available in black, and also be water-resistant.” Although their account has been active since September 2011 they have never tweeted.

There was another tweet that was screenshotted before it was removed which gave away key details about the iPhone. The new phones will be water resistant, new camera, and stereo speakers. FINALLY they addressed the battery issue too, so the phones won’t die as fast — hopefully it’s a decent amount of battery life and not just a tiny improvement.

Here’s the commercial they accidentally released. TMZ managed to get a hold of the commercial before it was pulled. What do you think of the new iPhone?


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