Grande also announced a new tour and performed "Side to Side" sans Nicki.

By Hayden Wright

Faux camaraderie and superficial friendliness can make late-night interviews hard to watch. Underneath the charm offensive, it’s often clear that the guests and hosts do not really know each other at all.

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On The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon and Ariana Grande cut through the BS artifice to reveal how much they have to learn about each other’s interests, preferences and lives. Welcome to the “Best Friends Challenge.”

Needless to say, Fallon and Grande failed the challenge. Ari’s favorite animal is the seahorse—not quite the “kitty cat,” Fallon guessed.

“You wear bunny ears and cat ears all the time, like a kitty cat!” insisted Fallon.

In addition to playing games with Fallon, Grande announced a 36-stop Dangerous Woman tour, set to kick off in Phoenix next February. While venue information is not yet available, the singer’s website has been updated with dates and cities.

Finally, Ariana sang for her supper (or for that awkward game, anyway) when she performed “Side to Side” without Nicki Minaj. Though most singers would cut the rap from their live performance in the absence of a collaborator, Grande did double-duty by taking over Minaj’s verse.

Check out “Best Friends Challenge”:

And watch Ari perform Side to Side (sans Nicki):

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