1. Controversial pharmaceutical exec Martin Shkreli got into a Twitter war with comedian Patton Oswalt and when Chris Evans took Patton’s side, Shkreli went off and threatened Captain America with physical violence. What sitcom with Leah Remini and Kevin James did Oswalt star in?

2. Casper Smart reportedly tried to score points with Jennifer Lopez by sending her flowers . . . but he paid for them with her money and her people noticed. What was Casper Smart in relation to J-Lo before they started dating?

3. When Renee Zellweger had her marriage Kenny Chesney annulled, she cited “fraud” as the reason and the tabloids immediately started speculating that the he was gay. Renee just spoke on it in a new interview saying it made her “sad.” What movie did she star in with Jim Carey where he was a state trooper with a
split personality? 

4. Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez both filed for divorce last October but according to TMZ, Halle isn’t sure she wants a divorce anymore. She garnered high profile roles in the early 2000s by playing which superhero in the X-Men franchise?

5. Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller says she’s absolutely terrified of potentially
going to prison & according to prosecutors she could go away for 24-30 months. Abby pleaded guilty to what?

Can you beat Kennedy?


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