Katy Perry Would Collaborate With Taylor Swift If She Apologized

by Alisha Jackson

According to Katy Perry, a simple “sorry” is all it would take for her bad blood with Taylor Swift to turn back into mad love.

On Saturday afternoon, while waiting for a Cheesecake Factory delivery in her polka dot robe (love her), Katy Perry got candid about her feud with ex-BFF Tay Tay on Twitter.

Before Katy commented on the feud, she called people who don’t know what the “pink drink” at Starbucks is “basic.”

And then immediately apologized for the coffee snobbery.

After a few more random mention replies, Katy decided to drop the ex-bestie bomb. When asked “will you collab with Taylor Swift,” Perry responded with “If she says sorry, sure!”

Please excuse us while we pick our jaws up off the floor.

According to Gigi Hadid’s latest interview with ET, Taylor Swift “is starting to go back to work in the studio again.” Fingers crossed for a Kaylor collab!

While waiting for her delivery, Perry also explained why she doesn’t have a Snapchat. The singer says that it’s “too much” for her, but that she loves the app.


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