By: Eric Donnelly

Lance Bass’ attempt at space travels may have been halted years ago, but he’s still aiming for the stars.

E! News is reporting that the Finding Prince Charming host still has his sights set on space travel. “In October 2002, the Russian Aviation and Space Agency formally notified other space agencies that the singer had been booted off the crew for a Soyuz flight to the international space station. The Russians grounded Bass because his private backers didn’t make a significant payment toward the estimated $20 million cost of his training and flight.”

Last night, the former ‘NSYNC member appeared on Watch What Happens Live! where Andy Cohen asked if he was still going to space. “I’m very connected with the space community still, privately and NASA…yes, I still plan to go. I do.”

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Bass, who publicly came out in 2006, was scared during his training, which he did in Russia. He told Buzzfeed in a 2014 interview, “I lived in old communist Russia—I wasn’t in Moscow—I was in the 1960s real Russia. So I really got to know them and appreciate their culture, and even then I knew how much they hated gays…That was one of the first things I realized, was how much they made fun of it. It scared me how much they talked about it, and how offended they were by gays.”

Even though Lance never made it to the International Space Station he revealed an interesting fact on WWHL. “Well, my clothes and experiments are up on the I.S.S. right now. I just didn’t make it.” He even has “experiments” to do up there. “I was doing studies up there. I was doing blood work and environmental studies at the Delta. I wasn’t just going to float around. I was doing some real work up there.”

His journey may take a little more time, but he’ll never stop trying!


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