Tyler & Ryan beat out hundreds of local music submissions in this year’s 15 Seconds of Fame Open MixFest competition. Now they’ll join us live on stage to open MixFest 2016 with OneRepublic, Ingrid Michaelson, and Shaggy.

The duo is made up of Tyler and Ryan Falcoa, brothers who hail from Bristol, Rhode Island and have been performing locally for a number of years. Let’s find out more about our opening act at MixFest.

1. They were “almost” a Country band.
We have influences that we pull from Country now, however we thought we wanted to be a full on Country/Pop group before having the Pop sound we have now.

2. The chore they hate the most.
We love our cat, Banja, however we dislike having to clean out her litter everyday.

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3. Weirdest place they’ve ever played.
Started playing out when Tyler was 12 and Ryan was 10. We played for a friend’s birthday party, which took place during the daytime in this run down Italian bar. We knew 2 songs; there was maybe 5 people there (including the bartender who was serving just soda and water) There was one outlet and dirty windows which made it hard to see outside.

4. First time they were paid to perform.
A Portuguese festival in our hometown of Bristol during Tyler’s Freshman year in high school and Ryan’s 7th grade year in middle school.

5. Their YouTube origins.
We started YouTube in 2010 and didn’t start posting regularly until 2012. We started as lip-sync artists who danced with no shirts on.

6. Heartbroken or heartbreaker?
Heartbreaker is Ryan. Tyler is heartbroken (Makes for good songs.)

7. Song they hate performing but do anyway.
We don’t hate any song, but the least favorite to play is All About That Bass. We play it anyway because it still makes people dance!

8. Moment you knew you wanted music to be your career.
The moment Tyler picked up a guitar at 10 and Ryan picked up drumsticks at 8. Seeing Paul McCartney cemented that desire.

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9. Their craziest fan story?
We have a fan who has driven more than 8 hours to watch us play…twice!

10. Musical guilty pleasure?
Sing to Backstreet Boys in the shower.

Bonus: Artist they admire most?
We admire Paul McCartney, he was the reason why we started to play music. The Beatles in general. We would love to perform and collab with Charlie Puth. He is a genius behind the notebook. He writes and records his own songs and he started the same way we did, on YouTube.


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