by Alisha Jackson

Did you spot “Fake Brady” in the crowd during the Patriots game on Sunday? The real Tom Brady obviously couldn’t be there, so Bleacher Report thought that sending in a lookalike would be a cool social experience for fans.

“We just wanted to do something really cool, because we knew Tom Brady would be out the first four weeks, so we figured, what would happen if he showed up at a tailgate or if he showed up at a football game?'” Jermaine Spradley told the Today Show.

Here’s the answer:

Fans in Arizona just couldn’t get enough of creepy, Fake Brady.

If Bleacher Report’s Dan Worthington had the same build and skin tone as Tom, he definitely could have fooled us, which is why the mask was so expensive to make. “We worked with a studio called Hyper Flesh” Jermaine explained. “They make masks like this for Hollywood films… It took about a month to make the mask.” If you’re wondering why Fake Brady’s stubble and hair looks so real, that’s because it is. Apparently, each hair was sewn on individually.

To hear more about the mask, watch Fake Brady and Jermaine’s full interview below:


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