by Alisha Jackson

Last night was an emotional roller coaster for Taylor Swift, as she and her bestie Martha Hunt had a cat fight in the most literal sense of the phrase.

The tiff was instigated by Swift’s cat Meredith (who else?), who uncharacteristically went from being ice cold and sassy to warm and fuzzy once she discovered Martha Hunt’s lap. Perhaps the feline felt special after Martha featured her on her Instagram story drinking straight from a faucet, but whatever the reason for her newfound softer side, Taylor was jealous. And she’s probably already started writing a song about it.

At first, Taylor thought their bonding sesh was a “beautiful moment,” but once Meredith agreed to do a photo sesh with Martha, her bestie’s envy started to set in.

“Taylor’s jealous,” Martha wrote in her Instagram story.

“Tonight has been an emotional roller coaster,” Swift concluded.

Oh, the betrayal indeed.


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