by Alisha Jackson

In between successfully getting the entire Mixfest crowd on their feet, and then getting Gregg, Fred, and Amanda on theirs, Shaggy actually sat down for a minute to chat.

Shaggy had been spotted out in Boston club hopping the night before Mixfest by fans, so Gregg had to ask — what did he think of our city? “I knew I had Mixfest today, so I just wanted to come [to Boston] and just kind of be up close,” Shaggy explained. “I know you got a huge crowd, but I want to be into the mix of it. So I just went from club to club and walked in, and they didn’t know what hit ’em.” Keep in mind that Shaggy didn’t just go to the clubs; he walked in and grabbed the mic at each and every stop. That’s just how Mr. Boombastic parties.

Those who have loved Shaggy since his “Mr. Lover Lover” days, know that he’s always been ahead of the curve when it comes to what’s popular on the radio. That’s why his new single “That Love” sounds a little different than the Shaggy we’re used to hearing.

“Reggae’s big right now,” Shaggy said. “Just Bieber, Drake, Rihanna… Everybody’s got this real reggae feel, and we kind of pioneered that for years, so we’ve always been that artist that really goes against the grain.” Shaggy reminded Gregg, Freddy, and Amanda — “When ‘Mr. Boombastic’ was out, nothing on the radio sounded like it. When we came out with ‘It Wasn’t Me,” we were in ‘NSYNC and Britney Spears mode, so now that we have this massive reggae thing, I’m like, I really can’t do that because they’re in my mode now. So I basically just kind of put a twist to it, and said why not fuse this old school real classic song with this Shaggy dance-off? And it’s really experimental, but just so catchy and fun.”

Before getting Gregg, Freddy and Amanda on their feet, Shaggy talked about his time in the military, and the work he currently does for USO. Watch his full interview in the beginning of the article!


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