1. Ricky Bell of New Edition turned 49 yesterday.  What group did he form after New Edition with 2 other members of the band?

2. Today is National Talk Like a Pirate Day! Which means some freebies are being given out by this national fast food chain that is named after a pirate for anyone who talks like one. Name the restaurant

3. 52 years ago today in 1964, Flipper debuted on NBC. They eventually did another version in 1995, starring a young Jessica Alba. What kind of animal is “flipper”?

4. Mixfest was over the weekend and Karson had to sing “Wind Beneath My Wings” to Kennedy on stage. What 1988 movie, which starred Bette Midler and The Big Bang Theroy’s Mayim Bialik, used “Wind Beneath My Wings” as it’s theme song?

5. “Game Of Thrones” won its 38th Emmy last night, making it the most-honored primetime show in history. Which of these is NOT one of the Noble houses on the show? Stark, Baratheon or Murrow?

Can you beat Kennedy?


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