Shaggy Answers Whether The MixFest Crowd Got “Turnt” During His Set

by Alisha Jackson

Did Boston successfully get “turnt” during Shaggy‘s set at Mixfest, as Kennedy calls it? According to the Jamaican rapper, we did. Despite being a dry show, Shaggy said that the crowd “brought the engery,” and that “they did a great aerobics class.” That’s his way of saying everyone’s hands were in the air.

Apparently, Boston was “turnt” the night before, too. Instead of checking into his hotel and getting a good night’s sleep the day before Mixfest, Shaggy decided to go club hopping. “The thing about Boston is, everything ends [clubs close] at two, so it was like, we’re not going to be tired for Mixfest,” Shaggy explained. “The thing ends at two! You’re still going to get a full night’s sleep,” he added in between laughs.

To hear more from Shaggy, including what it was like juggling his music career with his duties as a marine, watch the full video at the beginning of the article.

For the audio version, listen below:


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