1)  The house that Harry grew up in in the “Harry Potter” movies is on the market for $620,000. What do wizards call people without magical abilities in the franchise?

2) 32 years ago today “Who’s The Boss” debuted on ABC. What famous actress played Tony Danza’s daughter Samantha on the show?

3)  Justin Bieber and Sophia Richie have reportedly called it quits because Justin doesn’t want a serious relationship right now. Name the Reality show her sister Nicole starred in in the early to            mid 2000’s.

4) Mel Gibson’s girlfriend is expecting his NINTH child. Mel is 60 while his girlfriend is 26. How many lethal Weapon films did Mel star in?

5) Kiefer Sutherland says he was once held at gunpoint while walking his dog, and he asked the perps not to shoot the dog. Which of these 80’s movies was Sutherland NOT in? Stand By Me,                 The Lost Boys or Weird Science?

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?


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