Ingrid Michaelson Talks About Her Bette Midler Duet With Karson

by Alisha Jackson

After performing her set at MixFest, Ingrid Michaelson graciously agreed to back up Karson on the piano for his Battle of the Sexes performance of Bette Midler’s “Wind Beneath My Wings” to Kennedy.

Yes, this actually happened:

Sorry, #Mixfest. 😂

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For those who heard the performance live, believe it or not, Karson actually practiced the song during soundcheck with Ingrid. “It’s hard to figure out what key he’s going to,” Ingrid said about Karson during their rehearsal, but she had faith that he could pull it off. “I told him, as long as he puts his heart into it and gets the audience to really join him on that last chorus, it’s gonna be good.”

While hanging out backstage, the morning show also informed Ingrid that Shaggy knew about her crush on him, to which Ingrid, asked, “what did he say?” Watch her and Kennedy go into full-on girl talk mode about the subject in the video at the beginning of the article!

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