By Amanda Wicks

The public reaction to Corey Feldman’s performance on The Today Show last Friday (September 16) wasn’t just negative, it turned downright hateful. People took to social media to bash the actor and singer, criticizing what they deemed to be a bizarre performance and even telling him things like “The wrong Corey died,” in reference to the late Corey Haim.

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Feldman eventually posted a response on Facebook, stating that he was in tears over the response and was even afraid to leave the house. Since then, he has spoken about the performance and his reaction to people’s response. In an interview with Yahoo! Music, he said, “Because I think that enough is enough when it comes to bashing and bullying. I don’t think one person should have to endure that just because they’re a public figure. Like, why is that OK?”

Miley Cyrus posted a positive message on her Instagram page directed at Feldman. She posted an image of the phrase, “We put ourselves out there and we did the best that we could,” referencing something Feldman said during a Facebook Live appearance on Sunday (September 19). In the caption, she wrote an extended personal message to him. “Corey – I hope you see this …. Haters gonna Hate!” she wrote. “Lovers always gonna Love! Thank you and your angels for sharing your music with us! Please enjoy life and continue to make art! You’re absolutely right to ignore (even though it can be hard) the hurtful comments made by uninspired people!!!! F— judgment! You have more courage than any of those hatin motha f—–!!!! Good luck to you and always dream big! I know that’s what always keeps me smiling”

Cyrus isn’t the only pop star to speak up in Feldman’s defense. Kesha also stuck up for his performance, saying “normal is BORING.”

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