by Alisha Jackson

Taylor Swift may have only been seventeen when she released her first studio album, but according to her little brother Austin, the pop star already had years of songwriting experience under her belt by then. “When we were kids, I saw Taylor write songs every day for years when there was no one to play them to,” Austin told People. Imagine how many unreleased T. Swift songs we haven’t heard?!

Before Taylor caught her big break at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, she had been pitching demos to record labels for upwards of three years. Austin recalled when Taylor was in middle school, “watching her go door-to-door dropping off demo CD’s at labels that never called” during his spring break in Nashville. Before his sister became a household name, Austin says that he “was there when she was performing at karaoke contests and in the corners of parties with the same enthusiasm she now plays to stadiums full of her fans.”

“Having seen that example, how much goes in, how long it took … That’s always going to be bedrock for who I am and who I want to be,” the aspiring actor added.


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