1. R&B singer Faith Evans accidentally flashed the crowd at TD Garden on Saturday while performing in Boston for the Bad Boy Family Reunion tour and it ended up on the Jumbotron. Name the Hip Hop Mogul who used to Date J Lo who is the head of Bad Boy records.

2. FXX will air all 600 episodes of the Simpsons for 300 hours from Thanksgiving thru December 4th. How many members are in the Simpson hosuehold?

3. One of the Golf Worlds original superstars Arnold Palmer died on Sunday at age 87. What is in the drink named after him?

4. A Magnum P.I. T.V reboot centered around Magnum’s daughter is currently in development at ABC. Who played the original Magnum P.I.for 8 seasons in the 80s?

5. There’s a new political campaign called “Save the Day,” encouraging America to show up on election day with tons of celebrities like Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, James Franco & more. What is the name of the political campaign that started in the 90’s and was partnered with MTV?

Can you beat Kennedy?


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