1. After hosting Hillary Clinton on his web show “Between Two Ferns” last week, ZACH GALIFIANAKIS says he wouldn’t bring Donald Trump on because Trump is “mentally challenged,” and that he’d “feel like he was taking advantage of him.” Galifianakis stars as which childish character in The Hangover trilogy?

2. Ariana Grande says she wants to go country in the future and it’s something her grandpa always wanted her to do. What rapper is she currently publicly romantically linked to?

3. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Emily Blunt said co-star & friend Justin Theroux figured out she was pregnant by her being a bit wussy when it came to some of the stunts. Which movie, famously adapted from the novel, do both Emily Blunt & Justin Theroux star in that hits theaters next week?

4. For the first time in 10 years, Jerry Seinfeld isn’t the highest-paid comedian in the world only making $43.5 million over the past year, to finish second to Kevin Hart, who made $87.5 million. Who has been roasted on Comedy Central?

5. Several sources are reporting that after the cast of Will & Grace’s recent reunion video that the show will make some type of come back. Which network did the sitcom originally air on from 1998-2006?

Can you beat Kennedy?


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