1. Kanye West rushed off stage in the middle of a performance due to a family emergency that turned out to be Kim being held at gun point in Paris. Finish this lyric to the song Kanye was singing when he rushed off stage. (audio question)

2. Sean William Scott turns 40 years old today. What was his character’s name in American Pie?

3. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds welcomed their second child in NYC last week. Reynolds is known for playing the merc with the mouth Deadpool but that is not the first superhero he portrayed on screen. What character did he play to significantly less fanfare in 2011?

4. Nial Horan of One Direction has released his first solo single “This Town”. What pop star did entertainment websites run with as his new girlfriend in
late 2015 after the pair were caught making out at a Hollywood party?

5. Dick Van Dyke has his doubts about the “Mary Poppins” sequel, because sequels usually aren’t very good. But since it’s supposed to be an homage to the original, he’d be willing to do a cameo if they want him. In one of the songs from the film, what does a spoonful of sugar do?

Can you beat Kennedy?


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