It’s been one hell of a year for breakout artist James Bay, from the Brit Awards to the GRAMMY Awards, to a full-fledged tour, he is showing no signs of slowing down.

In fact, he’s already working on new music for his next album.

“It’s kind of full flow now, I’m really working away already,” Bay told Mix 104.1’s Gregg Daniels backstage at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion in Boston’s Seaport over the weekend.

“We’re touring for couple more weeks, we’re going to do a few little things in December, but in that gap and from the beginning of 2017, I’ll be writing and working. I don’t want to leave it too long, not touring, but I’ve gotta have new music.”

James Bay addressed rumors that he and Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic may be sitting down to collaborate on Bay’s next album.

“I’ve heard this rumor as well, which is exciting, we’ve not properly met yet, but we’re very aware of each other. I’m definitely a fan of Ryan’s,” Bay laughed. “In all respects, him as a writer, him as an artist and a performer, I’m a fan. I’m by no means against it!”

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In addition to the OneRepublic front man, Bay has some other lofty collaboration dreams, some that involve rock star royalty.

“I have those older heroes, from the likes of Bruce Springsteen and the likes of people like Rolling Stones,” Bay told Gregg Daniels. “People like that, such legends that have inspired me. It would be a dream to work with those kind of people.”

Closing down the season at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion in Boston’s Seaport on Saturday night, it was James Bay’s first time at the waterfront amphitheater, but not here in town.

“The crowd in Boston, there are only a few places on all of the US tours that we’ve gone to every time,” Bay recalled. “I think we’ve been to Boston almost every time. It’s so much fun playing here, man!”

You can check out James Bay’s complete interview with Mix 104.1’s Gregg Daniels in the video player at the top of the post.


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