by Alisha Jackson

“It’s October 3rd.”

Although we wouldn’t put it past her, Tina Fey most likely had no idea what an impact that simple phrase would have on pop culture when she wrote it into the Mean Girls script. Those three small words changed the world forever…

Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration. But they did change the life of Lindsay Lohan’s Mean Girls character, Cady Heron, as it marked the day that her crush Aaron Samuels asked her what day it was. Surely you can remember how impossible it was to have a casual, unforced conversation with your high school crush.

Fingers crossed we get a whole “It’s October 3rd” song out of Tina Fey’s future Mean Girls musical! Yes, unlike “fetch,” a ‘Mean Girls’ musical is happening!

Unfortunately, Lindsay Lohan doesn’t have much to celebrate on this October 3rd, as the actress managed to cut the tip of her left ring finger off during a boating accident on Sunday (OUCH). Originally, the actress posted photos of her severed finger, which were thankfully taken down. Although if you’re curious, TMZ did post them.

In Lindsay Lohan’s Snapchat video below, the caption over her heavily-bandaged finger reads “I almost lost my finger from the anchor. Well, I lost half my singer, thank goodness we found the piece of my finger… I just had surgery to fix it. It hurts so bad.”

@lindsaylohan Had a terrible accident #prayforlindsaylohan #lindsaylohansnapchat

A post shared by SnapsBrakingSnaps (@snapsbrakingsnaps) on

She seemed to be in better spirits the next day, as she posted a “one handed selfie,” with the hashtag #whatdayisit, in reference to October 3rd.

Lohan also bragged about getting her friend’s October 3rd joke by posting their chat transcript below.

Cant get anything past Lilo!


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