1. Ben Affleck considers “Batman v. Superman” his biggest success, because more people saw it than any of his other movies. Including Ben how many people have played Batman in movies?

2. All eight “Harry Potter” movies are coming to IMAX theaters for one week, starting next Thursday. What was the title of the last two movies in the series?

3. Actor Jesse Eisenberg is 33 years old today. His breakout role was back in 2010 when he starred in a movie about Facebook. Name that movie.

4. Chrissy Teigen appeared on Ellen yesterday where she admitted to opening Rihanna’s mail now that she lives in her old pad. Listen to this; that was Rihanna’s debut single, what’s it called?

5. Orange Is The New Black actress Samira Wiley is officially engaged to one of the shows writers. The show features the fictional Litchfield Prison that’s in which northern state?

Can you beat Kennedy?


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