by Alisha Jackson

The website host to Netflix’s Luke’s Diner locations just transformed into something straight out of 2007, literally.

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In celebration of Gilmore Girls‘ 16th birthday, the television series is inviting non-Stars Hollow residents to enter the website, which delightfully “hasn’t been touched” since Rory’s farewell party at the end of the show’s (former?) series finale.

The show made the announcement by blaming the website’s lost years on Kirk, and sharing a gif of Michel, Babette, and Patty from season 3, episode 17: A Tale of Poes and Fire….

“Excellent news, people! lives to see another day. Please excuse any outdated sections of our site as we (Kirk) misplaced the password in 2007. He just found it. We expect to be fully updated by November 25th, 2016. Some of you may be new here, so please enjoy what our otherwise state of the art website has to offer.”

Before yesterday’s update, which can be read above, the website hadn’t been touched since town citizens were advised not to help Luke clean up after Rory’s Farewell Party on May 16th of 2007. “Attention town citizens! Luke, and Luke alone, is solely responsible for all party cleanup. Do not help him.”

In addition to reading town updates dating back to November of 2000, visitors will also find Gilmore Girls fan art from local artists, a Stars Hollow directory, a place where you can make town meeting requests, and Kirk’s email address on the site. We don’t want to spoil all of the fun, so go head over to TownOfStarsHollow.Org yourself!

The Town of Stars Hollow website may be outdated today, but the Gilmore Girls Instagram account isn’t! For the first time since it launched, the show’s official Insta account is featuring present-day cast members. As of right now, Michel, Lane, Jess, Gypsy, and Logan can only be found on the account’s Instagram story, but a video of the Stars Hollow town troubadour just popped up on the show’s actual page.

Watch Grant-Lee Phillips sing a special birthday song to the show below!

Netflix also released their first featurette on Gilmore Girls: A Day In the Life, which includes new behind-the-scenes interviews with the cast. Check it out below.

Happy Birthday, Gilmore Girls!


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