by Alisha Jackson

In the words of Barney Stinson, the Legends of the Hidden Temple movie trailer is legen- wait for it -dary!

No really, Nickelodeon somehow managed to turn a kids game show into a really cool looking movie! The network just announced that the movie will premiere on Saturday, November 26th, which gives children of the 90’s who also grew up watching Gilmore Girls just enough of a buffer to finish Netflix’s A Year In The Life movies before switching over to cable.

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Nickelodeon ditched the game show idea altogether, and instead brought the Hidden Temple to life for three siblings who broke away from a boring jungle tour. Thankfully, Olmec is still giving out advice, because the kids will probably need it in order to make it out alive.

The original game show’s host, Kirk Fogg, stars in the movie, and Dee Bradley Baker reprised his role of Olmec’s voice. While the team names are now defunct, Nickelodeon did manage to incorporate green monkeys, red jaguars, blue barracudas, silver snakes, orange iguanas, purple parrots, and silver snakes into the film. See if you can spot any of them in the official trailer below!


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