by Alisha Jackson

If only Lifetime could move on from Britney Spears‘ 2007 public meltdown like the rest of us did. Instead, they continue to dredge up Brit’s dramatic past with their unauthorized biopic of the singer. Well, their version of her past.

It looks as though Lifetime is taking advantage of Spears’ lack of involvement with the movie by taking some creative license with her story. TMZ released footage of the film crew shooting the singer’s umbrella incident, and some of the details are a little off. For example, when Spears attacked the paparazzi, or a car belonging to one, she hopped out of a silver sedan at a gas station. In the biopic, she’s hopping into a convertible on a busy street.

Spears’ public meltdown was heavily documented, to the point where I can even remember what she was wearing during the incident nine years ago. So you have to wonder — how could Lifetime get the scene wrong? Watch the real footage of Britney, and then see the biopic’s version below.

The movie just started filming, and already fans are not impressed.


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