1. Old video of Donald Trump  talking to Billy Bush surfaced yesterday where Donald talks about being able to do whatever he wants to women. Bush has since been suspended from his job as host of what show?

2. Today is Columbus Day celebrating the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the Americas. What country was Christopher Columbus from?

3. According to a new Forbes list ranking the highest paid T.V. Hosts, Dr. Phil tops the list at $88 million. Who came in second with $75 million? – Ellen Degeneres Ryan Seacrest or Judge Judy?

4. 50 years ago today In 1966, Milton Bradley released the game twister. There are four colors on a twister mat name three of them.

5. There’s video of Larry the Cable Guy breaking a guy’s arm during an arm-wrestling match. What heartburn medicine is Larry seen in TV commercials for? Nexium, Pepto Bismol or PRILOCEC OTC?

Can you beat Kennedy?


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