by Alisha Jackson

During this week in the year 2000, Christina Aguilera climbed up to the number one spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart with her fifth single, “Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You).” The song stayed on top of the chart for three weeks, and was the last single of Aguilera’s, besides her collaboration on “Lady Marmalade,” to hit number one.

We know you remember the pop star’s signature early aughts red hair streaks, but did you know these throwback tidbits about “Come On Over, Baby (All I Want Is You)”?

1. The album version sounds completely different than the single.

Like Aguilera’s previous single “What a Girl Wants,” “Come On Over” was remixed and re-recorded for single release. The song’s title and lyrics were also changed. The word “baby” was added added onto the “Come On Over (All I Want Is You)” title, and almost all of the song’s lyrics were changed to sound more sexual. A rap by Christina was also added to the track.

Take a listen to the original album version above!

2. The single version was banned by Radio Disney.

While the album version of the song wasn’t banned by Radio Disney, the station tended to play a clean edit version of the remixed single. The clean edit doesn’t seem to exist on the internet, but you can hear an alternate radio edit of the song minus Aguilera’s rap above.

3. An edited music video aired on the Disney Channel, too.

We can’t find the clean edit music video on the internet either, but I remember watching it on the Disney Channel when it came out. Some scenes of the music video were edited out and the sexual lyrics were censored.

Check out the single’s official, non-edited music video above!

4. Christina recorded a Spanish version of the song called “Ven Conmigo.”

It’s clear that the music video for the Spanish version was an afterthought, as the only new footage shot consisted solely of Christina singing the Spanish lyrics. During the rest of the music video, Christina can be seen singing the English words.

Check out the video for “Ven Conmigo” above!

5. Christina performed the song with Fred Durst at the 2000 MTV VMAs.

Durst explained the unlikely pairing by telling the world he did it “all for the nookie.”

Those are your Throwback Tidbits for the 2000 hit, “Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)”! Check back next Thursday for a brand new #TBT!


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