“He Is Just A Miserable Guy To Be Around!” Andy Grammer Jokes About Touring With Gavin DeGraw

Andy Grammer stopped by the Mix Lounge this past Saturday for a special performance just for Mix listners! Gregg Daniels & Fast Freddy talked to the “Honey I’m Good” singer about everything from Cryotherapy, to the Patriots, to his new single “Fresh Eyes.”

Grammer got to sing at multiple sporting events within the past year, but when sang at Game 1 of the World Series all of his friends were “super pissed” at him since he’s from New York — “I’m apparently the curse.”

Gregg had to bring up that we’re not holding him personally responsible for this past AFC Championship, another event he sung at, which was the game the Patriots lost. “It’s pretty nutty…that’s the only song everybody knows you’re not supposed to mess up! Nobody goes like ‘Oh dude great job’ they go ‘Don’t screw up!'”

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His new single “Fresh Eyes” has a “minimalist vibe thing” to it. It’s about rediscovering your love for someone. “If you’re in a relationship with someone for a little while you do have things where you see them and you’re like ‘what, who are you right now?!”

When asked about how is touring with Gavin DeGraw, he revealed it’s “awful, he is just a miserable guy to be around” — of course he was being sarcastic. “It’s really not that stressful. Both bands are really good friends.”

Check out the full interview for more!


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