1. Sarah Jessica Parker just revealed that an idea for Sex and The City 3 is “Fairly Nearby”. The franchise centers around 4 New York women and their lives. Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and who?

2. James Franco is being sued for allegedly head butting a guy in the stomach at a Lana Del Ray concert. What is the name of his younger brother who has starred in films such as “Neighbors” and “21 Jump Street”?

3. This singer was investigated by the Juvenile Division of the LAPD for allegedly hitting his wife and his one-month-old daughter. They determined it was a bogus claim, and closed the case. Name the singer.

4. Ciara was named after a perfume saying “my mom was trying to figure out my name when my dad bought her a fragrance called Ciara by Revlon & that’s where my name came from!” Which makeup brand just signed their first male spokes person?

5. People are freaking out over how good 51 year old Elizabeth Hurley looks after she posted a selfie to Instagram of herself in a red string bikini. Which show on E! does she star in?

Can you beat Kennedy?


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