1. Hilary Duff apologized for the Halloween costumes that she and boyfriend Jason Walsh wore over the weekend which she now understands “offended” many people. She was a pilgrim, while he was an Indian. What Disney Channel show did Duff make her debut?

2. Kelsey Grammar dressed up  over the weekend as  the character he voiced on the Simpsons for many  years that’s famous for always trying to kill Bart. His name was Sideshow what?

3. Halloween is today! According to pretty much every metric including google searches what is the most popular Halloween costume for 2016?

4. Annabella Lwin is 50 years old today. It’s funny she was born on Halloween because she’s the lead singer of “Bow Wow Wow” and their biggest hit was which of these songs?

5. Producer Mikes daughter is dressing as a sexy Care Bear for Halloween tonight and there is nothing he can do about it. The Care Bears were introduced to the public in the early 80’s and still have a place in pop culture today including a show on Netflix. When in danger the care bears have a secret weapon where they stand together and radiate light from their respective tummy symbols. What’s it called?

Can you beat Kennedy?


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