1. Snow White is the latest Disney movie that will get a live action reboot. Name four of Snow White’s seven dwarfs.
  2. Michael Douglas said publicly that Val Kilmer had oral cancer and that “things don’t look to good for him,” but his rep later downplayed the comments. What was Kilmer’s character’s nickname in “Top Gun”?
  3. Nelly turns 41 years old tomorrow! He was in a decade long relationship that has since ended with what singer who hit #1 on the charts with Ja Rule for “Always On Time”?
  4. Jim Gaffigan has joined the cast of Season 3 of Fargo. What current Showtime star played the lead in the original 1996 film?
  5. Sarah Michelle Gellar played a round of Buffy the Vampire Slayer trivia and it turns out she doesn’t know anything about her old show. What was the name of the fictional town Buffy lived in on the show?

Can you beat Kennedy?


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