by Alisha Jackson

Some people get drunk and text their ex. Others fall in love with a late night television host, recreate the “Why didn’t your write me?” scene from The Notebook, and capture the whole thing on film. That someone is Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan stopped by Conan last night to promote something, but instead of just telling the host what it was, he decided to have him guess which one of his “upcoming projects” was real. Among his list of projects were a line of thinly sliced ham underwear, a children’s album about Civil War wounds, an anti-dolphin documentary, and a sex tape.

After Conan refused to roll the tape on Reynolds’ movie clips, the actor reminded him about the pre-Blake Lively absinthe-fueled trip they took to Tijuana a few years back, where they fell in love and caught the whole thing on film.

And thus, The Notebook 2 kissing scene was born. Watch Ryan and Conan make out — a lot — in their recreation of Noah and Allie’s pivotal scene below.


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