by Alisha Jackson

Justin Timberlake‘s son Silas is only 18-months-old, and already, dad knows he a genius.

Justin stopped by The Ellen Show today to promote his new movie, Trolls, which his son happens to love. The singer/songwriter/actor/perfect human being couldn’t help but shake his booty to his own song when Ellen introduced him with “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” a compulsion that we can relate to.

When Ellen asked Justin what Silas is doing in his life musically, the proud dad revealed that his 18-month-old dances around the house. “That’s it?” an unimpressed Ellen asked. “He just dances around the house?” “I want him to like sing or something at this point,” Ellen jokingly demanded.

“He keeps up with all the words to ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling,” Justin clapped back. “He’s pretty rad. He’s kind of smart you guys,” he added.

Apparently Silas knows more words to the song than Ellen, who was convinced that the lyrics were “just electric,” instead of “just imagine.” Watch her plead her case in the video below.


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