1. Brad Pitt has finally filed his response to Angelina Jolie’s divorce papers, and he’s decided to fight her for shared custody of the kids. Name the movie the two worked on together where they first became romantically involved?

2. “Parks and Recreation” predicted that the Chicago Cubs would win the World Series in 2016. It happened in an episode in the show’s final season, which was set in the future. Name the former Saturday Night Live cast member who plays the leading role as Leslie Knope?

3. Fox ordered two more seasons of “The Simpsons”, a 29th and a 30th. “The Simpsons” beat “Gunsmoke” to be #1 in most seasons for a scripted primetime show a while back, but now it’ll also have the most episodes. What Bar does Homer frequent on the show?

4. Rami Malek, the Emmy Award-winning star of Mr. Robot, is set to play late Queen front man Freddie Mercury in the upcoming biopic. Mercury is singing from these lyrics.

5. The oldest of the Jonas brothers turned 29 over the weekend. Is it Joe, Kevin or Nick?

Can you beat Kennedy?


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