By: Eric Donnelly

Family Guy’s spoof of Taylor Swift was spot on!

Last night’s episode featured the 1989 songstress by means of Chris asking her to his homecoming dance via a sappy online video. Since she is very interactive with her fans she immediately replied with a video saying she would go with him!

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After meeting the family — who all wanted to know specific details about her life — they attended the dance where they had a great time. Throughout the entire episode they managed to throw small, funny jabs like when Chris and Taylor walked home from the dance and she said, “I hope you don’t mind I made the band pay me a royalty for each of my songs they played.”

Because it’s Tay Tay…the family was surprised to see she wrote a hate-filled song about Chris the next day — probably called “Flubber.” Stewie suggests they confront her at her place in RI since he’s obsessed with her. Thankfully she invites them to her show that night where Chris does something to help Taylor’s career.

Photos: Courtesy FOX

Photos: Courtesy FOX

Photo: Courtesy FOX

Photo: Courtesy FOX

Spoiler: he says mean things to her on purpose. Check out some of the episode below!


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