by Alisha Jackson

Have you ever been to a pet psychic? According to Mandy Moore, they are the real deal.

When Mandy moved into her new home (because we’re obsessed, you can check out photos from Mandy’s moving day here, and what her old house with Ryan Adams looked like here), her cat Addison started having trouble sleeping.

“When we moved, the cat was crying all night,” Mandy told Ellen. “I gave him different food, I fed him early, I fed him late, I closed the door, I left the door open, I tried everything because it was like a baby keeping us up all night.”

A phone call and a “fig” later, Addison was cured. Don’t worry, we’ll explain.

After trying everything possible to stop her kitty’s blues, Mandy called a pet psychic as a last resort. “She told me that he hated his name, Addison,” Mandy explained.

Find out how the pet psychic fixed Mandy’s problem in the video below!


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