During this week in 2001, Mary J. Blige was on top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart with her first ever dance club hit, “Family Affair.” The song was Blige’s first number one Hot 100 single, and it remained at the top for a total of six weeks.

We know you remember the jam, but did you know these throwback tidbits about “Family Affair”?

1. Mary J. Blige made up words for the lyrics.

If the words “hateration,” “holleration,” and “dancerie” sound familiar to you, you can thank Mary J., because she made them up!

2. Mary J. Blige’s brother co-wrote the song.

(Getty Images) (Photo by Newsmakers)

Mary’s song doesn’t mention the words “family” or “affair,” so we’ve decided that she named it “Family Affair” because her brother Bruce Miller helped write it.

3. Mary J. Blige questioned her lyrics after the song was released.

“One reason I turned my life around is that I realized millions of fans were following my example. I don’t want to be responsible for killing us. I want to be responsible for uplifting us. In the song ‘Family Affair,’ I sing about getting drunk,” she told Oprah in an O Magazine interview. “When some people hear those lyrics, they use it as a reason to have another shot of liquor. Later I thought, ‘Should I take the word drunk out of that record?’ Music has power.”

4. The song was used in a Propel Fitness Water Super Bowl commercial

The commercial, which can be seen above, starred John Stamos, Derek Jeter, Taye Diggs, and Natasha Soudek.

5. A remix featuring Jadakiss and Fabolous was recorded.

This version was never released commercially.

Those are your Throwback Tidbits for the 2001 hit, “Family Affair”! Check back next Thursday for a brand new #TBT!


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