This is EXACTLY what our 15 Seconds of Fame feature is all about. Coming across insanely talented people and sharing their music with the world. That’s exactly what Nakia Robinson did when she walked into the Dollar General and heard the guy ringing up her items sing.

Nakia whipped out her phone and rolled some video, went home and blew up the Internet with Lukas Holliday‘s incredible talent.

Check out 26 year old from Lansing, MI singing Ascension by Maxwell and TELL US what you think! (The coolest part is when he tells the customer how much their items totaled and goes right back to the song without missing a beat!)

15 seconds lucas holliday 15 Seconds Of Fame   Lucas Holliday | Maxwells Ascension (Dollar General Cashier

UPDATE: When Maxwell saw this, he immediately invited Lucas to join him on stage at his concert in Detroit this Friday night! Maxwell had a message for the singing cashier on Good Morning America, “You sound unbelievable. I wanted to personally invite you onstage at my Detroit show, this Friday.” The Grammy winner added, “You have a sick, amazing voice.” We’ll post the video soon!

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About 15 Seconds Of Fame:

15 seconds 2013

They say everyone gets 15 minutes of fame, right? Well, the MIX 104.1 airwaves are already filled with the most popular songs from the world’s biggest artists, but we really do wanna give you a chance. So we’re looking out for talented unknown singers and giving them 15 Seconds of Fame! The other 14:45 is up to you!


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