Boston natives Jordan Knight, Joey McIntyre, and Danny Wood stopped by the Mix 104.1 studios this morning to chat with Karson and Kennedy about New Kids On the Block‘s upcoming tour with Boyz II Men and Paula Abdul, which hits Fenway Park on July 8th.

NKOTB has toured with Boys II Men before, but pairing up with Paula Abdul is a first for the band. When Salt asked how they ended up hooking up with her, the answer wasn’t quite clear. “I think she called our management,” Jordan said, which Joey quickly refuted. “Well, there’s like three different stories we’re throwing around, seeing what sticks. Maybe try a couple out,” he joked.

Thankfully, Danny had the real story, which lined up with Jordan’s. “She did contact our manager to talk about touring,” Danny clarified. “And then our manager came to us, and he said, ‘Paula’s looking to tour. What do you guys think about touring with her?'” Jordan recalled, “and we said ‘that would be great.'”

“The sexy version is Donnie bumped into her at the AMA’s last year, and Donnie saw the reaction, and she was talking about wanting to get back on stage, and she was miraculously at the Mixtape Festival that we do every year and it just worked out,” Joey said.

“Sean from Boyz II Men calls her Buttercup now… She’s tiny,” Joey said about touring partner Abdul. “She’s really small, but she packs a serious wallop and she’s a great dancer,” Jordan added.

Every time NKOTB visits the studio, they always act like best friends. So Kennedy had to ask, how have they not killed each other yet? “Here’s what you do,” Joey began, “You gotta let things go.” “One of our members, Jon (Jonathan Knight), is in Africa, getting engaged, stealing all the headlines. Literally our tour is now a blurb because Jon got engaged in Africa in front of a hippopotamus,” he vented. “You could choose to get mad about that, or you could look at the bright side and say we’re playing Fenway Park.”

“Look at this Instagram video from the pool in Africa,” Joey yelled about Jonathan. “Guys, sorry, couldn’t be there. My heart’s in New York with every body,” he imitated. “He’s in a pool. We’re up at 5:30, like working 20 hour days!”

Check out the video he was referring to below.

This isn’t the first Jon has made national news over a big NKOTB announcement. His brother Jordan continued, “The last time we put out an album, we were doing the same thing. We were trying to get some press… We did a performance, and he has a stupid little fake panic attack and he walks off the stage, and now it’s headline news. He’s on CNN, and they don’t say anything about our album release, only about Jon’s little panic attack.”

To see (or hear) the rest of NKOTB’s interview, check out the video and audio clips from at the beginning of the article.

VIP passes to NKOTB’s Fenway concer are on sale now here. Tickets go on sale to the general public on Saturday, November 19th at 10:00 AM.

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