by Alisha Jackson

B*Witched. Five. INOJ. P.Y.T. A-Teens. Wild Orchid. Innosense. Do any of these late 90’s pop acts ring a bell?

If you were an insanely huge NSYNC fan like I was back in the day, then you may have even met some of the aforementioned opening acts during the boy band’s 1998 NSYNC in Concert tour. Unfortunately, they never really gained any traction in the pop music world, but there are a few standout openers from NSYNC’s tour that ended up making it big. Like Britney Spears, first instance.

Britney opened up for NSYNC during the second leg of their tour, AKA the Second II None Tour. Two legs later, Mandy Moore arrived on scene, for their Boys of Summer tour. “I was 15 when I started singing, and I went from watching them [NSYNC and Backstreet Boys] on MTV as I would get ready for school in the morning, to six months later, I was on the road with NSYNC,” Mandy explained to James Corden.

Going from fan-girl to coworker may sound amazing, but unfortunately, not all of Mandy’s memories on the road with NSYNC are happy ones. She has Justin Timberlake to blame for that.

“I’m a terrible dancer, but I had background dancers at the time, because that’s what you did,” Mandy recalled about the Boys of Summer tour. “I remember distinctly one time walking backstage, and I didn’t really see much of the guys [NSYNC], because I was just the peasely opening act,” she explained.

“But Justin Timberlake was there and somehow there was a conversation about feet or foot size, and the NSYNC background dancers and my background dancers [were there], and I stroll up at 15, like freaking out that Justin Timberlake is there, and he’s like ‘you have big feet for a girl.'”

“I was so impressionable, and I thought the world of him — he was on a pedestal — and 16 years later, it’s stuck with me,” Mandy confessed. “It really scarred me emotionally.”

Watch Mandy tell her embarrassing story below!


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