By: Eric Donnelly

Okay it’s pretty annoying to hear Japan has been getting waterproof phones for about a decade and we can’t get anything close to that.

According to Mashable, there’s an insane reason why Japan is so lucky. Honestly, you won’t believe it…

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“Manufacturers had to make phones waterproof because Japanese women were so attached to their phones they brought them into shower. As a result, nearly every phone in for the Japanese market has been made waterproof, to meet standard expectations.” Yeah, that’s right. Like hello I would love to use my phone in the shower but we don’t get that luxury!

LG’s global communications director, Ken Hong, stated, “In Japan, being waterproof is far more important than being able to remove your phone’s battery.” He went on saying, “For a smaller Korean brand like LG, we need to be able to check all the key boxes to be as attractive as possible to Japanese consumers.”

All we need now is Apple to jump on board the waterproof train!


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